Street Outreach Team

HOPE Connections

Bringing people together to prevent and end homelessness in Northwest Louisiana

Coordinated Assessment Program

Day Shelter

(Currently not operating)

Safe Haven Shelter

The Street Outreach Team is well-known to those experiencing street homelessness in our area. The truck they utilize is well-marked, so that they can easily be identified by unsheltered individuals. Additionally, they can be reached on work cell phones so that clients and those who identify people living homeless can inform them of needed services. The Outreach Team seeks out and makes relationships with those living in homeless camps, abandoned buildings, cars, etc. activities five days a week and respond to frequent calls from first responders and concerned citizens. Once the team determines homelessness, they provide assessments and attempt to connect people with needed services and/or sheltering.

Client Services

HOPE operates four programs that are for those experiencing homelessness, and they all have the same goal. We connect people with agencies who provide the only cure for homelessness...HOUSING.

HOPE uses best practices and proven models from around the country along with very close collaborations with agencies all over Northwest Louisiana to ensure that every person has the opportunity to connect with the services they need to obtain or maintain permanent housing.

The Day Shelter serves as one of the primary ways our system engages those who are unsheltered by providing showers, laundry, telephones, computers, and connections to the services of many agencies. This project’s end goal of assisting those served to be engaged into needed services in the community and ultimately, to obtain housing that most appropriately meets their needs to ensure success.

The Day Shelter will resume full services upon completion of the new Safe Haven Shelter building.