HOPE Connections

Bringing people together to prevent and end homelessness in Northwest Louisiana

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HOPE Connections Homeless Coalition

The REAL Power of Together!!

HOPE has served as the convener of the homeless coalition/Continuum of Care for Northwest Louisiana as a non-profit organization since 2001.

The HOPE Connections Homeless Coalition meets each month on the 4th Wednesday at 9:00 am. Meetings are held at First United Methodist Church in the Storer Activity Room.

Any agency, organization, church, or individual interested in working collaboratively to end homelessness is invited to attend HOPE Connections Homeless Coalition meetings.

To be considered an official member, this form must be submitted annually and at least one representative from your group must attend 70% of coalition meetings held.  Membership is free of charge. Only official coalition members will be eligible to receive CoC Certification Letters, Letters of Support, and/or to apply for CoC funding from HOPE Connections.