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In addition to HOPE's role convening the homeless system, we also operate programs that lead people who are living unhoused and in emergency shelters to the agencies who provide housing.


Housing is the goal of every HOPE program.

Street Outreach Team

  • Locates those living in homeless camps, abandoned buildings, cars, under bridges, etc.

  • Creates relationships based on trust

  • Refers unhoused people into HOPE's Solid Ground safe haven or other shelters

  • Refers unhoused people into treatment services such as health care, mental health, and/or substance abuse

Our Newest Program! Solid Ground safe haven shelter

  • Low restrictions shelter for 37 unhoused individuals dealing with chronic health conditions, untreated mental illness, active addiction, criminal history, no income, trauma, and more

  • Allows residents to relearn Activities of Daily Living and receive targeted referrals into treatment services such as health care, mental health, and/or substance abuse

  • Provides day services to unhoused individuals to do laundry, take showers, and accessthe same referrals as safe haven residents

Coordinated Assessment Program

  • All programs lead to Coordinated Assessment where housing referrals are made based on vulnerability

  • Provides screening, assessments, and verification of circumstances for anyone living unhoused or in emergency shelter

  • Makes targeted referrals for permanent affordable, subsidized, or supportive housing

  • Ensures that housing meets the client's need for support and length of assistance

Emergency Shelter

Grace House
Providence House
Salvation Army
Solid Ground Safe Haven

Short Term Housing Assistance

Catholic Charities
Easter Seals Louisiana
Providence House
Salvation Army

Permanent Supportive Housing

Community Support Programs
Easter Seals Louisiana
Volunteers of America NL

Senior and Disabled Housing
Nursing Care

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