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Solid Ground Safe Haven -
for unhoused individuals with complex problems

The Solid Ground Safe Haven is nearing completion. We want you to be part of the community of people who are helping make the cubicles into inviting, safe spaces for those who have been living unhoused.

6,000 sq feet
37 semi-private cubicles
Problem solving case management
A caring, nurturing environment

The FY2023 Continuum of Care Competition is underway. All information regarding the competition is available by clicking the button above which takes you to the Homeless CoC Information page.

Join over 45 HOPE CoC Homeless Coalition member agencies who meet regularly to find solutions together.

Everyone is invited to attend HOPE CoC Coalition Meetings!!

Please see details and membership application

by clicking the button above.

If you are living unhoused, in an emergency shelter, or know someone who is,

please visit HOPE or use the

Contact Us form to send us an email.

How can you get involved in ending homelessness?


as an individual or bring a group.
We always have a project!


HOPE to speak to your group about solutions to homelessness.


money to support our work.
(See Donate button in upper right corner.)


items that we always need for our clients.
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