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HOPE Connections serves two very important roles in

the system of homeless services in Northwest Louisiana.​

About HOPE Connections

HOPE connects the agencies and organizations providing an array of needed housing and services to those experiencing homelessness. We do this by serving as the lead agency of the homeless system or Continuum of Care (CoC), which we refer to as the Homeless Coalition.

HOPE also connects those experiencing homelessness to the amazing agencies and organizations providing the housing and services they so desperately need.

We do this by providing services directly to those experiencing homelessness

that serve as the front door to the homeless system.

We believe

that most people do not choose homelessness if they are aware of the help available.

Homelessness is a circumstance created by:

  • Life events beyond a person's control

  • Complex issues  such as domestic violence, chronic health conditions, severe mental illness, addiction, physical limitations, and developmental limitations

Wesley Meacham

Toree Taylor

Tom Chavanne

Tate Kendall

Tamara Carter

Tanner Kendall

Sylvia McMullen

Monique Bryant

Marshall Merritt

Ja'Carie Guice

Public Relations Coordinator

Daniel Cordell

Danae Vaughn

Hope Connections Team

without whom, others would be lost

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